Bahamas rentals for large groups

Top vacation rental destinations for large groups

Houses in Eleuthera

Eleuthera has an enchanted paradise, with pristine beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters. Eleuthera exudes a laid back atmosphere that awaits your arrival.  Immerse yourself in the true essence of The Good Life by choosing one of our vacation rentals. Whether you’re seeking a beachfront rental with ocean views, or a secluded villa for your group to be surrounded by lush tropical foliage, Eleuthera offers an array of options to suit every need.

$ 5500 / Night
$ 4400 / Night
$ 6429 / Night
$ 13200 / Night
$ 6500 / Night
$ 11500 / Night

Houses in Exuma

A tropical haven in Exuma awaits your discovery! Our vacation rentals in Exuma offer an unparalleled escape to sun soaked beaches and crystal clear waters. Immerse yourself in the luxurious comfort of our rentals, each one picked to provide island charm. Your dream vacation begins with our selection of rentals, promising and unforgettable stay and strategically located near some of the must-visit places such as the stunning Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park, the captivating Thunderball Grotto, and the famous swimming pigs at Big Major Cay.

$ 4850 / Night
$ 1800 / Night
$ 2000 / Night
$ 925 / Night
$ 2145 / Night
$ 2145 / Night

Houses in Nassau

The vibrant and captivating of Nassau offers the perfect blend of topical luxury and cultural immersion. From the historic charm of downtown Nassau with its colorful architecture and bustling markets to Cable Beach, our rental houses serve as a gateway to the many treasures this city has to offer.

$ 4000 / Night
$ 1200 / Night
$ 1890 / Night
$ 1200 / Night

Houses in Abaco

The enchanting islands of Abaco in the Bahamas boast rental houses that offer a perfect blend of natural beauty and Bahamian charm. Nestled amid turquoise waters and white sandy beaches, The Good Life Bahamas’ rentals provide a landscape of both tranquility and adventure. Make sure to visit Marsh Harbour, known for its lively atmosphere, local markets, and picturesque marinas and discover the historic settlement of Hope Town while staying at these rentals!

$ 2857 / Night
$ 7500 / Night
$ 1599 / Night
$ 995 / Night