More than just unique Island Homes, the kind of local knowledge that lets you relax in the everyday and explore the possible.

The most beautiful water and beaches in the world are waiting here for you. Sit back and enjoy the views of this tropical paradise or dive right in and experience the many activities that will make your stay one to truly remember. Everything from diving, sailing fishing, surfing, to sea kayaking, it is all here. Imagine an island oasis of virtually empty beaches, endless possibilities, wonderful vacation homes and possessing all the modern conveniences one would need. Welcome to Exuma and The Good Life | Bahamas.

Over the years, we at The Good Life | Bahamas have collectively hosted and assisted countless friends, old and new, in renting, acquiring or building their island paradise, then experiencing and learning about the many unique facets of Exuma. To us, that’s truly living The Good Life.

Who We Are

We at The Good Life | Bahamas have collectively hosted and assisted countless people enjoying our island paradise, then experiencing and learning about the many unique facets of Exuma. This led us to the creation of The Good Life | Bahamas and our true calling:

To do for you those very things we have done for our family and our friends. We’ll find you the perfect island home. Hassle-free, ensuring you never worry for a second and can enjoy your holiday. We’ll share with you how to participate in the many wonderful things Exuma has to offer. Together, we’ll create amazing memories, friendships and above all, help preserve the island culture we all hold so dear. To us, that’s truly living The Good Life.


Peter Whitehead, Jr.:

Born and raised in the Bahamas to a half-Austrian, half-Uruguayan family, Peter attended his early school years in Nassau. He finished high school, first in a Salzburg, Austria boarding school, then in Montevideo, Uruguay. After completing a BA at the University of Pennsylvania, he moved back to the Bahamas to learn the ins and outs of the family construction business. During those early years, Peter also pursued a long-distance law degree from Concord Law School. He was awarded his JD in 2008.

His post-collegiate years were spent working, surfing and studying. As one could imagine, it’s been a good life. Physically working and project managing on-site gave him a very different, unique appreciation for the process and building methods used in Bahamian construction. Having influence over those methods and their designs, then experiencing first-hand the frustration and difficulty of many accepted techniques, has encouraged Peter to explore more progressive, cutting edge construction technologies from the ground up. These methods allow The Good Life | Bahamas to build with more efficient techniques, resulting of course, in a more cost-efficient home designed to stand the tests of time and weather.

Having become a tour guide of sorts at a young age, Peter truly enjoys the magic of seeing Exuma through the eyes of those who’ve never experienced it before. Introducing a guest to fishing, wakeboarding, surfing or driving a boat has always been so much fun for him. His infectious enthusiasm is proof. As time passed and the opportunities grew, creating The Good Life | Bahamas to help others enjoy the Exumian life was a natural progression.

John Toker:

A longtime Pacific Northwesterner via the Midwest, upon completing several years of University work at Ohio State and Penn State, he partook in a lifetime’s worth of fishing, rafting and climbing mountains across the American West while heading up an Agricultural Research Program at Washington State University. To say John has lived, loved and shared a life of work and play outdoors would be an understatement.

Upon arriving in the Bahamas, nearly 15 years ago, fresh off a few months playing Sasquatch and steelhead fly fishing around British Columbia’s Skeena Country, he was thrown into a trial-by-fire of sorts, charged with rehabbing one of the Bahamas’ most remote, most ailing bonefishing lodges. In just four years, the lodge experienced a full facelift under John’s direction and become profitable in near-record time-all while juggling employees, managing contractors, hosting literally thousands of guests and still finding time to explore the lesser-known Out islands. We credit his easy-going style, humor, abject tenacity and an understanding Bahamian wife, Lyn, to this success. In the Bahamian off-season, John continued to manage a remote steelhead and salmon flyfishing lodge deep in the British Columbian wilderness of the Dean River Canyon.

John has always possessed a strong desire to share that which he loves with others. This is exemplified by his being a fly-fishing guide and instructor through his college years, teaching climbing and mountaineering classes at WSU and his career establishing and operating multiple fly fishing lodges. Throughout his life, John has found it far more rewarding to share life’s wonders and adventures with others than to keep them to one’s self. Upon meeting Peter, the two of them quickly found that they had similar dreams to share what they knew and loved of the Bahamas with others and to turn that passion into a career. Thus, The Good Life | Bahamas was born.