Attractions in Eleuthera

There are innumerable reasons that draw tourists and winter residents to Eleuthera. From its stunning beaches and mesmerizing turquoise waters to its vibrant culture and intriguing history, this tropical paradise has something to offer for every visitor.


Eleuthera’s top beaches are a must-visit. The renowned Pink Sand Beach on Harbour Island tops the list, accompanied by French Leave Beach, Lighthouse Beach, Surfer’s Beach, and Winding Bay Beach. Enjoy a swim at Alabaster Beach (Receiver’s Beach) before your flight, and don’t miss the walkable Gaulding Cay Beach at low tide. Discover hidden gems like Hidden Beach and Plum Creek Beach. These pristine shores showcase Eleuthera’s breathtaking coastal beauty.


Immerse yourself in the captivating underwater world of Eleuthera. Explore the mysterious blue holes, enchanting limestone sinkholes, and pristine coral reefs. For experienced divers, there are thrilling opportunities to discover the island’s shipwrecks and engage in drift diving between Eleuthera and Current Island. The best diving conditions are from November to May during the dry season, offering prime shark diving experiences. Local dive companies provide certified instructors, comprehensive dive programs, and convenient scuba equipment rentals.

Eleuthera Ecotourism

Eleuthera is a paradise for nature enthusiasts, offering a diverse array of natural wonders. The island boasts intriguing blue holes, mysterious caves with historical significance, and an abundance of native and migratory bird species. Exploring Eleuthera’s caves allows visitors to delve into the island’s geological marvels, such as Hatchet Bay Cave. Additionally, the 25-acre native flora and fauna plant preserve provides valuable insights into the benefits of bush medicine, showcasing Eleuthera’s rich ecological heritage.

Governor’s Harbour

Governor’s Harbour is the captivating capital of Eleuthera, offering visitors a window into the island’s history and culture. The town’s colonial architecture and vibrant, colorful houses create a picturesque setting that exudes charm. Exploring Governor’s Harbour allows travelers to immerse themselves in the island’s past, appreciating the influence of its colonial heritage.

Glass Window Bridge

The Glass Window Bridge in Eleuthera is an awe-inspiring marvel of nature, leaving visitors breathless with its breathtaking panoramic views. It offers a unique opportunity to witness the striking contrast between the deep blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean on one side of the road and the serene Bight of Eleuthera, often mistaken for the Caribbean Sea, on the other side. This narrow strip of rock, only 30 feet wide, serves as a powerful reminder of the forces that shaped the island’s geography over time. A visit to the Glass Window Bridge promises an unforgettable experience, allowing travelers to connect with the sheer beauty and geological wonder of Eleuthera.