Corporate Retreat Rentals

A Strategic Getaway to the Bahamas is the Key to Success

Vacation homes for company retreats

The Bahamas is the ideal place for your employees to affirm your company’s values and connect during a corporate retreat rental in a secluded location. The Good Life Bahamas offers a business trip into paradise to connect with nature and ensure an unforgettable experience.

Foster Hill


Moss Town, Great Exuma

This hidden gem offers a secluded haven for those seeking a peaceful retreat. Within Foster Hill, you will find four luxurious houses: Marina House, Casa Bella, Peeps Cottage, and Ballymena. Each of these homes is thoughtfully designed and equipped with everything you need to enjoy a comfortable and unforgettable stay.

These two luxurious beachfront villa rentals offer an unparalleled retreat. Spacious accommodations, private pools, and breathtaking ocean views. Everything you need for a tropical getaway!

$ 11500 / Night
$ 11500 / Night

These luxurious beachfront havens offer rooms meticulously designed for comfort and style. Boasting breathtaking ocean views, private pools, and access to pristine beaches, the houses provide the perfect scenario for a memorable corporate retreat in the Bahamas.

$ 1100 / Night
$ 1100 / Night

The Touchtones vacation rentals provide a serene corporate retreat steps away from the famous Pink Sand Beach, with unique pink hues and crystal clear waters. Enjoy a tropical heaven in Touchstone!

$ 900 / Night
$ 700 / Night

Luxury meets natural beauty in Bahari and Amani. State-of-the-art kitchens, expansive porches, spacious bedrooms, infinity pools… A corporate retreat in Bahari and Casa Amani is an immersive experience for your team!

$ 2000 / Night
$ 1650 / Night

These three house rentals redefine oceanfront experiences with breathtaking views. From private pools to expansive living areas, each vacation rental offers an unmatched combination of luxury, comfort and proximity to the turquoise Bahamian waters.

$ 2145 / Night
$ 2145 / Night
$ 2145 / Night

Corporate retreats services

We are local experts

Our team lives and breathes the good life, and we’re here to curate an unforgettable corporate retreat for your team. As local experts, we unveil the secrets of each island, offering your team exclusive venues and tailored team building activities.

We’re here for you

A friendly face is there for you before, during and after your corporate retreat. From planning to guidance, we assist every step, ensuring your retreat is seamlessly orchestrated. Enjoy, your retreat experience is in good hands!

10 years creating magical experiences

Discover The Bahamas like never before with The Good Life. Want to explore the hidden beaches, learn local insights, and see a side of The Bahamas that visitors rarely see? Our expertise ensures a unique corporate retreat. More magic, more connection, and more beauty.

Experiences Tailored for every company and need

The Good Life Bahamas offers corporate rental homes suited to every style and experience. We can connect you to the following services:

All is possible in The Bahamas! If you need something specific, please ask.

Our most popular destinations

Nassau - Sunsational House (7)


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Eleuthera - Harbour Island - Beacon Hill (22)


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Why planning a corporate retreat in a vacation rental in the Bahamas?

Team Building in a Relaxing Environment

Could you imagine a more stress free atmosphere than the Bahamas? A quiet setting can foster positive relationships between company members.


Rental Homes: a Combination of Coziness and Togetherness

The variety of vacation homes we offer provides flexibility in terms of infrastructure, privacy and accommodation for gatherings.

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A place for Creativity and Innovation

The beauty of the Bahamas can inspire you. It is always good to think (or travel) outside the box. A more informal and comfortable setting allows more open discussions.

Customized retreat experience

Our mission is for you and your team to live The Good Life. Company retreats in the Bahamas can be the twist you need to reveal the potential of your group.

Transportation convenience

The Bahamas is situated in a prime location, with convenient travel options. Direct flights connect Atlanta and Miami to Nassau and Exuma, and there are also connecting flights from various U.S. cities to Eleuthera.