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Explore the 15 best beaches in Exuma

Peter Whitehead | May 22, 2024

1. Tropic of Cancer Beach: starting strong

Tropic of Cancer Beach is our little rockstar: Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed here. With a long powdery beach and amazing turquoise waters, this Bahamian gem gets its name from the theoretical tropic of Cancer line that runs through the beach (some argue it is a bit further north at Forbes Hill Beach but we don’t listen to haters).

Pro Tip: Pack your snacks because there are no facilities there. However, if you need anything, you can drive to Santana’s or Tropic Breeze Beach Bar & Grill to grab a quick lunch.

2. Forbes Hill Beach: the sleeping- beauty

Forbes Hill Beach is a few minutes away from the bridge that goes to Little Exuma. The beach is protected from the wind and larger waves, making it a calm and serene location for visitors. The natural beauty of the beach is further enhanced by the presence of a small cove and picturesque rocks; which makes it the perfect spot for snorkeling with kids. This beach is the best place to spend a whole day but if you’re feeling adventurous, you can go Northwest to our next recommendation:

3. Cocoplum Beach: shallow waters and sand dollars

Cocoplum Beach is the perfect place for kids because it has shallow waters and sand bars that appear with the low tides. There you can snorkel or swim with the little ones and explore the crystal-clear waters.  Also, you can do sand dollar hunting because this is the best spot in Exuma to find them, but remember to be respectful of the wildlife and leave the ones alive under the water at all times (You will notice they are a little bit darker).
No kids in the group? Doesn’t matter! This can be the place for you if you’re looking for an adrenaline-packed day trip.  Cocoplum is perfect for kitesurfing and windsurfing, especially if you are a beginner, because of its steady wind streams and shallow waters.

4. Three sisters beach

The Three Sisters Beach gets its name from the three beautiful rock formations that are a short walk away from the shore.
This beach is different from all the other beaches as it has rocks and big waves. It’s a little bit hard for swimming but it is ideal for beautiful pictures and relaxing with the waves’ soundtrack.
Finding access to this beach can be a little bit tricky, but we are here to guide you: if you are driving from Georgetown, look for a yellow house on the left just past the Mount Thompson sign. When you see a large gazebo on the right, turn into the parking lot. There is no sign noting beach access.

5. Chat & Chill: the stingrays’ favorite

This spot inside a National Park near George Town, is the true kitesurfer’s paradise. With vast, shallow flats that are perfect for beginners who are looking to learn the ropes or advanced kiteboarders who want to try freestyle pirouettes. Along with amazing views, this National Park can be a whole family destination.

6. Starfish Beach: guess what you will find here

You’ve guessed! Lots of starfishes everywhere. This surreal beach is located on the north end of Stocking Island in the Exumas, Bahamas. Getting to these amazing locations isn’t easy. You can’t drive there, but accessing them by boat is straightforward.

Warning! Do not touch the wildlife, especially not the starfish. They’re very sensitive creatures and we all need to take care of them.

7. The famous Pig Beach

This is one of the most renowned attractions in The Bahamas. Located on Big Major Cay, this beach gets its unofficial name from the fact that there are many feral pigs living there.

How did the pigs get there?

There are a lot of different versions to answer this question. It’s been said that they were dropped by some sailors who wanted them to get fat and then come back to eat them. The sailors, though, never returned; the pigs survived on excess food dumped from passing ships and the lack of predators. Another legend has it that these cute habitants survived a shipwreck and swam to shore.

No matter how they got to this island, the important thing is that they are the cutest in the world. Look at that snout!

8. Allen Cay Iguana Beach: meet the gentle dragons

Although swimming pigs are the most famous attraction in Exuma, these amazing creatures are the low-profile stars of The Bahamas. The best place to find them is in Allen Cay (mostly known as “Iguana Beach”). Located at the far northern end of the Exumas chain, this incredible spot consists of three tiny islets surrounded by incredible reefs.
Regardless of whether you arrive on your own yacht or with an excursion group, treat these wild creatures with the respect they deserve. Since they are critically endangered (and protected by Bahamian law), feeding the iguanas is prohibited because it affects their physiological well-being. However, you can still enjoy the company of our mohawk-styled friends on this incredible beach.

9. Hooper’s Bay: snorkel with turtles

Only on a 5-minute drive from Georgetown, you can find Hooper’s Bay, the best beach to snorkel with turtles, barracudas, and stingrays. The turtles here are used to interacting with people and will probably approach you. However, fantastic company isn’t the only thing this beach provides. The shallow turquoise waters and sandy beach make this beach one of the locals’ favorite spots.

Pro tip: This is a public beach and parking is free!

10. Exuma Point Beach: all the Shades of Blue

Located at the North end of Queen’s Highway, you can find Exuma Point Beach. This remote and tranquil beach is the perfect spot for snorkeling, where you can find nurse sharks, starfish, and stingrays. However, this spot is famous for its beautiful sandbars that display more than 5 different shades of blue.  Especially in low tides, visitors can walk long distances into the sea and experience the wildlife in shallow waters.

The shallow waters, the tranquil atmosphere, and the variety of wildlife make this spot a perfect place for those traveling with kids.

Pro tip: The sand at Point Beach is particularly powdery which can be challenging for some vehicles, park safely!

11. Pretty Molly Beach: the dark beauty of Little Exuma.

Between the Ferry settlement and Forbes Hill, you can find the Pretty Molly Beach. This little bay with turquoise waters and a horseshoe-shaped beach is the perfect afternoon visit if you are in Little Exuma. Its beauty hides a legend, the story about Pretty Molly.

There are two theories about her. One says, she was a young woman with astonishing beauty that drowned in the ocean beyond the bay and it’s been said that her ghost still roams this beach at night. The other version says that she was so pretty that she turned into a mermaid and that people can see the little tail splashing on the horizon.

Whatever the case, if you are not into ghost or mermaid watching there are still plenty of activities to enjoy.

12. Moriah Harbour National Park

This incredible place couldn’t be out of our recommendations with its around 22,833 acres of astonishing nature. Here you can explore sand dunes, blue holes, coral reefs, mangrove creeks, coppice forests, seagrass meadows, endangered corals, sea turtles, conch, lobster, grouper, birds, and sharks.

You may be wondering why we put a national park in our beach recommendations. Well, we didn’t want you to miss out on these amazing beaches. All of them are an incredible adventure, with incredible landscapes and lots of wildlife. Moriah Harbour Cay provides an incredible opportunity for recreation and activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, kiteboarding, bonefishing, and hiking.

13. Jolly Hall Beach: the perfect place for a quiet day

Located north of George Town the beautiful Jolly Hall beach is an amazing spot for snorkeling and relaxing on the powdery sand. Upon arrival, it’s suggested to explore this long beach to find the perfect spot for you.

Jolly Hall Beach is the perfect place if you don’t enjoy crowded places since it has a lot of little spots where it feels like your own private beach. Once you have marked your preferred spot, it’s time to explore the crystal clear waters.

If you walk a little bit into the sea you’ll find a rocky end and lots of fish and starfish. That’s your perfect spot to put the snorkeling gear on and enjoy the incredible variety of wildlife.

14. Stocking Island Beach

Only a short boat ride from Elizabeth Harbour you can find Stocking Island, with one of the finest white sand beaches in The Bahamas. This island is one of the favorite places for snorkelers and divers. There, you can explore the blue holes, coral gardens, and under-the-sea caves hiding amazing wildlife and astonishing views.

This Island’s rich nature captivated the famous explorer Jacques Cousteau so much that he has a cave with his name. The mouth of the cave is an excellent spot for snorkeling, as it is teeming with various species of fish, but don’t go further because that incredible cave system runs for miles!

This incredible island also holds some of the oldest fossils in the world! The fossilized bacteria called stromatolites are dated from more than 1 million years ago and are only found here and in Australia.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Which part of Exuma is the best?

Exuma is amazing in every corner, the best part of Exuma is where you are staying.

Does Exuma have nice beaches?

Absolutely, yes! It has so many amazing beaches that it was hard just to select the 15 most beautiful ones to recommend to you!.

What is the prettiest beach in The Bahamas?

There are so many amazing beaches here that choosing the prettiest beach depends on what you want to do or see.

Which is better: Nassau or Great Exuma?

Depends on what you are looking for. Exuma is a relaxing family destination, where you can find peace and quiet in connection with nature, while Nassau is more of a buzzing city with lots of alternatives, but not such a relaxing spot.