Real Island Living

Why The Good Life? 

We believe that everyone deserves to experience these islands’ beauty the way we do. Our proposal is based on a different way of tourism where you can feel and live like a local with the comfort and luxury of the best Bahamian houses.

Salvage is a one-hour, character-driven drama set within the CIA’s proxy wars throughout the Americas and the Caribbean in the 1980s. Inspired by true events, the show tells the story of Ben and Patrick Lawson, marine salvage operators, who stumbled over a mysterious DC-3 during a routine search and rescue mission in the Bahamas.

Our Rentals 

Exuma Island 

Top Houses 

$ 2200 / Night
$ 1400 / Night
$ 1800 / Night
$ 2000 / Night

Our Rentals 

Harbour Island 

$ 3300 / Night
$ 13200 / Night
$ 900 / Night


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