New Construction

As both native Bahamians who’ve lived abroad and foreign individuals now settled in the Bahamas, our company understands the island culture while also having the ability to understand and meet international expectations. In essence, that’s the absolute best of both worlds.

You learn many truths after years in Bahamian construction. Namely, that a beautiful home is the sum of many beautiful spaces and more isn’t necessarily better. Thus, aesthetically pleasing homes, stunning views, and lush gardens are borne by adhering to design simplicity. A cost-efficiency also exists within this philosophy and by creating beautiful spaces with less expense, we’re able to pass phenomenal value onto you, the homeowner.

As such, we believe in designing well thought-out homes that feel right, views that steal away your breath and indoor/outdoor spaces that encourage comfort regardless of weather conditions-all within structures that are not unnecessarily complicated and overly expensive.


Our Company is unique in that along with more traditional methods we a very experienced in building with Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs). In fact, The Good Life | Bahamas is the first and only homebuilder in Exuma equipped to employ ICF technology. These ICFs allow us to achieve the aforementioned goals of wonderfully designed homes that take the best advantage of views and comfortable space. All of the structure’s ICF walls consist of six solid inches of reinforced concrete. Both sides are surrounded by two inches of Styrofoam insulation. These walls wonderfully endure high winds and act as a better hot- and cold-weather insulation than any other building method available in the Caribbean.

As an added bonus, this process affords so many efficiencies without sacrificing workmanship or longevity, our homes are frankly built faster and thereby undervalued upon completion. As such, ICF panel construction offers a faster appreciation rate-something always reassuring to know when comparing investment opportunities.


It is our intention to build homes that make the most of the natural materials’ beauty and blend in with the island environment.

We also believe in the theory of ‘Structure is Finish,’ meaning the materials used to create the strength of the structure should become part of the home’s innate beauty. In this, we do not build a structure, only to cover it with an expensive, unnecessary second faade. Exposed beams are but one example of a style both beautiful and efficient. Naturally, this creates significant cost savings, all of which are passed onto you.